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8 Post Rack
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  • Standard Features Include:
    - 3 Pair of Safety Spot Bars
    - 3 Pair of "Rhino Hook" Bar Catches
    - 2 Dual Grip Chin Up Handles
    - Hanging Bar Storage
    - Weight Storage
    - Bumper Plate Storage

    Perform all major lifts in the safety of a full rack design. Built in the USA using premium 7 Gauge Steel, Laser Cut Uprights and Rhino Hook Bar Catches. Power Lift is the choice of the top collegiate and professional athletic programs.

All Racks Include these Standard Features:

  • 10 Point Premium Weight Storage (welded and coated)
  • 2 Vertical Bar Holders
  • Easy Adjust Safety Spot Bars
  • Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar
  • Patented Rhino Hook Bar Catches (2 point locking)
  • Protective "Wrinkle" Powder Coat on Upright Columns
  • Standard and Custom Paint and Upholstery Colors
  • 7 Gauge Premium Steel Construction
  • Made 100% in the U.S.A.

Power Lift Power Racks are available in a multitude of configurations. YOU decide what works best for you training situation and Power Lift will built the rack to meet you needs.

Additional Attachments:

  • Lever Action Bench (removable locking bench)
  • Reverse Bar Catches
  • Technique / Training Tech Trays
  • Platform with insert
  • Dip Attachments
  • Rotating Adjustable Pull-Up Handles
  • Sport Series Thick Bar Pull-Up Handle
  • Sport Series Weight Storage
  • Safety Spot Handles
  • Band Attachment

Available in 8 foot and 9 foot height. *An additional 1 to 2 feet of height clearance is recommended for pull-ups.

All Power Lifts professional line of products are built utilizing a modular design constructed of 3/16" gauge steel (thicker than 7 gauge).

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