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University of Michigan

University of Michigan RS2 Power Rack

4 RS2 Rack Systems Consisting of:

  • 2” adjustment positions
  • 2 pair locking spot bars per rack
  • Spot bars feature UHMW on both sides allowing for isometric exercises
  • Custom 7 peg weight storage designed to accommodate kilogram bumper plates
  • “Rhino Hook” Bar Catch with replaceable UHMW wear strip
  • Folding Spotter’s platforms
  • Top Band Attachments
  • Bottom Band Attachments
  • Single Leg Squat Roller Attachment
  • 2” side mounted chin up handle
  • High Rotation Attachment
  • 1.5” connecting brace chin up handle positioned between each rack creating space for suspension trainers, rings, or additional pull-up stations
  • Wall Mounted High Pulley with seat is connected to each rack station
    • Features 300 lb weight stack
    • Additional 5 lb add on weight

4 “Lever Action” Benches
4 1” Thick Custom Oak Inlaid Olympic Lifting Platforms with custom logo


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