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The Power Lift team of representatives have assisted in the design of many of the worlds leading strength-conditioning and athletic performance centers (see Customer Gallery)

Power Lift representatives have over 75 years of combined experience designing strength and conditioning facilities. Our team will provide insight and recommendations (design, safety, equipment placement) that can only come from industry experience. We often work with architects and planning committees in the early stages of the room design (and redesign) to help avoid many common challenges.

Common Questions: How Far Should Platforms be spaced apart? The NSCA guidlines recommend 3 ft. apart. However depending on your training style we have seen platforms paced anywhere from 2 ft. to 6 ft. apart. Contact your rep to help determine platform placement.

Common mistake: One mistake we see often is the architects placing lighting too low in the room, which inteferes with many strength and conditioning movements. Our reps can help you determine the ideal lighting height and placement.

We assist our clients from "Concept to Completion"

6 Post Rack


  • Determine placement of equipment
  • Contact your sales representative for more information Click Here
6 Post Rack


  • CAD 3D Software
  • Excellent for presentations/fundaising
  • Contact your sales representative for more information Click Here

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