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Flooring Solutions by Power Lift

Power Lift provides several flooring solutions including custom built platforms systems, inset platforms, Infinity Max Flooring, eCore Flooring and rolled rubber flooring. Your representative will work with you to determine the best flooring solution for your needs and budget.

Infinity Max is one of the few products available that can stand up to constant abuse of heavy weights being dropped directly on the floor without denting, tearing or splitting. In the most demanding applications, where other flooring products have failed, INFINITY MAX RUBBER FLOORING has performed year after year.

InfinityMax Rubber flooring is the choice of hundreds of collegiate, high school and professional sports programs. Including: USC, Notre Dame, Purdue, UNC, San Diego Chargers, UCI, and many more. This is not your ordinary gym floor.

Custom Colors and Logo's available.

InfinityMax Rubber Flooring is available in over 10 standard colors and a variety of custom colors.

Infinity Max Rubber Flooring is a 2' X 2' X 1.25" Tile flooring system. This allows tiles to be moved or replaced after years of abuse. The flooring has a germicide and built in ventilation system to eliminate mold and odors. Many schools have switched to Infinity for it's durability and impact absorption qualities.

The unique design of Infinity Max offers superior performance advantages:

  • 10 Year Warranty - including drop zones!!
  • 1.25" Thick Premium flooring
  • Will not peel, always lays flat even under extreme conditions - and NO glueing!
  • Withstands heavy barbell drops (proven and tested).
  • Provides resiliency and incredible underfoot comfort.
  • The high density patented polymeric EPDM wear surface is tough, durable and long lasting
  • High traction non-slip surface – wet or dry
  • Contains a unique built-in fungicide to prevent bacterial growth in or on the tile
  • Superior sound absorption properties
  • Installed indoors or outdoors
  • Odorless
  • Certified "GREEN" Product
  • AMAZING Custom Logo's

Other flooring includes: Rolled Rubber Flooring, Interlock Flooring, Rubber Mats and custom flooring.



  • Optimize Floor Space
  • Wood Inserts or Infinty Max Tiles
  • Proven to withstand years of heavy usage

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